Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park is only a 2 hour drive from where we live in Pagosa Springs. This National Park is known for its many Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, Cliff Palace being one of the largest dwellings. Here the pueblo people would gather and live for over 700 years. When Chris and I arrived we… Continue reading Mesa Verde

Pagosa Springs, CO

Chris and I purchased land!!! We have been working very hard to buy property in Colorado and we now own 1.3 acres in Pagosa Springs Colorado we are also working on purchasing the neighboring 1.5 acre property! This year we have accomplished so much. We traveled out to our home in May and now have… Continue reading Pagosa Springs, CO


Yellowstone, one of the largest National Parks I have ever been to 2,219,789 acres to be exact. Within Yellowstone there are so many places to explore featuring hot springs, geysers, forests, rivers, canyons, and hundreds of wildlife species. Chris and I drove in through the south entrance we drove along Yellowstone Lake which does not… Continue reading Yellowstone

Grand Teton

For our 4 year anniversary Chris and I traveled to 2 of the most outstanding National Parks. We started our adventure in Grand Teton coming up from the south point driving through Jackson Hole. We decided that the first thing to do was set up our camping spot for the night. We went to Colter… Continue reading Grand Teton


Zion National Park,¬†what an outstanding place to wander and get lost within the sandstone canyons. Zion is one of my favorite National Parks! Chris and I stayed at South campground which features jaw dropping scenery, a trail leading to the Virgin River, and a bus stop in walking distance of the campground. Zion offers a… Continue reading Zion